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Metechi Garlic is hot, but cooking brings the spice down to the perfect level!

This is a purple stripe type garlic which means it has a vividly striped and colored skin. Metechi is hot when raw, but becomes more mild and flavorful when cooked. Patiently bringing metechi into its mild state reminds us to pause and give all of our actions the time and intention they deserve.

We use no-till practices and natural soil amendments to create healthy soil that grows the healthiest garlic.
This variety originated from the Republic of Georgia and is best for roasting and sauteing. Try seasoning chicken breast with this garlic for a delicious and healthy meal.

Raw Flavor – Hot

Cooked Flavor – Retains garlicky flavor but the heat is toned down

** Did you know that garlic may be good for the liver? It may reduce blood sugar levels and help protect the liver from some toxins. **

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