Growing Practices

and Beliefs

Naturally grown vegetables are best. We use natural, organic growing practices and are working towards USDA Organic Certification.

Local is powerful. It’s important to us to use locally grown, farm fresh produce to support our local farmers.

Soil health is paramount. Healthy food begins with healthy soil. By using no-till farming practices including the use of cover crops, companion planting, and natural soil amendments, we create healthy soil that produces the most delicious, nutrient-dense vegetables.

We’re all in this together. It’s our goal to leave things better than we found them—both the land and our relationships.

Joy matters. We believe in finding joy and purpose in the little things—even weeding!

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About Dragonfly Hill

Dragonfly Hill Farm is nestled on four acres in the hills of the Lehigh Valley on land once inhabited by the Lenni Lenape people.

Dragonfly Hill Farm & Kitchen was founded by Wandy, wife, mother of 2 adult children, lifelong cook and two-time cancer survivor. Homemade, local produce and meats were a crucial piece of Wandy’s health journey along with her treatments. It’s now her joy and purpose to bring fresh, homemade foods to the local community. The majority of the ingredients for our prepared foods are grown by Wandy, right here on the farm using organic, chemical-free growing practices. Anything we don’t grow ourselves we source from other local growers.

The kitchen at Dragonfly Hill was established to support the local food service community, by providing a shared-kitchen space for food prep and storage alongside some of our great farm fresh produce.

At Dragonfly Hill, land stewardship goes hand-in-hand with growing and preparing delicious products. Our goal is to make fresh & healthy food easy and accessible for everyone.

“My grandmothers grew vegetables, fruits, raised chickens and pigs for their family.” Wandy remembers, “My father’s mom had a mindset of caring for the land that she instilled in me. I’ve worked with food and farms and loved cooking from scratch my whole life.”

Why The Name


My sister, Brigitte, loved dragonflies and elephants. Sadly, she died of cancer in 2018. While she was in hospice care, I would take her on short “road trips” around the Lehigh Valley looking at farm land. We joked continuously even about serious matters. My sister told me not to worry that she and our parents would help me find the right farm. In 2019 we did! While my husband and I were overlooking the field area of the property, a dragonfly hovered right in front of my face and I knew it was a sign from her. Instantly, I told my husband that Dragonfly had to be the name of the farm. We see dragonflies from time to time and it always seems to be when I’m thinking or talking about my family. Haven’t seen any elephant yet ☺