When you stock garlic products from Dragonfly Hill Farm & Kitchen, you give your customers flavor and convenience from a local farm they can trust.

  • Organically grown
  • Small-batch processed
  • Unique varieties with maximum flavor
  • Pre-prepared to save time in the kitchen
  • Grown by a local farm (that’s us!)

About Our Products:

Six Incredible Varieties

romanian red dried sliced garlic .75oz

Romanian Red

A hot and robust garlic perfect for spicing up soups and stews. Originates from Romania.

pehoski purple dried sliced garlic .75oz

Pehoski Purple

A mild and earthy garlic recommended for roasting or sauteing vegetables or meats. Originates from a Polish community in Stevens Point, WI.

georgian fire dried sliced garlic .75oz

Georgian Fire

A strong and zesty garlic. Try it in a marinade or sprinkled on top of pizza. Originates from the Republic of Georgia.

chesnok red dried sliced garlic .75oz

Chesnok Red

A sweet and mellow garlic ideal for roasting. Originates from the Village of Svelisi in the Republic of Georgia.

amish rocambole dried sliced garlic .75oz

Amish Rocambole

An all-purpose, full-bodied variety ideal for soups, sauces, and sautés. I love it with scrambled eggs in the morning. Originates from Switzerland, and got its name from being grown by the Amish Community in Wisconsin.

metechi dried sliced garlic .75oz


This spicy garlic is best for roasting and sauteing. Great with chicken breast for a delicious and healthy meal. Originates from the Republic of Georgia.


Your Customers Can Use Dragonfly Hill Garlic in So Many Ways


  • Added to soup or stew
  • On homemade pizza
  • Breadsticks and garlic bread
  • Meat rub
  • Homemade ranch seasoning


  • Guacamole and salsa
  • As the base for stir-fries and curries
  • Yummy garlic rice
  • Zingy salad dressings
  • Anywhere else you would use fresh garlic

Become a Wholesaler

We deliver to retailers in the greater Lehigh Valley. Small minimum orders and weekly deliveries make it simple to offer Dragonfly Hill products to your customers. If you’d like to become a wholesaler, please fill out the form below.

Wholesale 1Why dried garlic?

Almost all garlic from the grocery store is grown in China, sprayed with herbicides, shipped overseas, and treated with chemicals to last longer on the shelf.

We offer garlic that is intensely flavorful and thoughtfully grown. By using dehydration, we are able to preserve the unique flavors of these gourmet garlics with minimal processing so that they can be enjoyed year round. Dried is simply the only way to get garlic this delicious!