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Cooking with Dried Garlic is As Easy as Could Be

When you open a jar of Dragonfly Hill Farm dried garlic, the delicious scent of garlic is the first thing to hit your nose. People have told me that our dried garlic flakes smell just as good as fresh, which it should! The garlic is dehydrated at a very low temperature which retains its great flavor and makes it perfect for any dish where you would use fresh.

Cooking with dried garlic is simple. It’s a great way to enjoy incredible, gourmet, hardneck garlic varieties all year round without worrying about spoilage. We all have enough on our plates already. Time in the kitchen should be a mental refuge, not another list of things to worry about. 

Rehydrated Garlic is as Versatile as a Fresh Garlic Clove

The best way to use our sliced dried garlic is to rehydrate it and use it as you would use fresh. 

There are two ways to rehydrate the dried garlic flakes: in water ahead of time or in the dish itself. 

1-To rehydrate the garlic in water, place the amount you need in a small bowl and cover with hot water for 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes are a great time to pause for some reflection and peace or prep other ingredients for your dish.

After the time has elapsed, the garlic will be rehydrated and ready for use in all sorts of dishes. I love to add rehydrated Romanian Red or Georgian Fire garlic to my guacamole and salsa for an extra kick. I also sauté the Metechi in oil with ginger and onion as the basis for stir-fries and curries. And, don’t forget to save that garlicky water that you rehydrated it in! It’s perfect for making garlic rice or adding extra flavor to your finished dish. 

2-The other option for rehydrating garlic is to do it directly in the dish you are making. 

Adding dried Chesnok Red or Pehoski Purple garlic into a soup or stew as it is bubbling away will rehydrate the dried garlic flakes and spread its delicious flavor throughout the dish. Similarly, placing slices of Amish Rocambole garlic on a homemade pizza in between the sauce and the cheese will rehydrate the garlic as it bakes and make every slice extra flavorful. 

An important note about rehydrating garlic is that you need water for the garlic to rehydrate. It will not rehydrate in oil, so make sure to rehydrate it in water before adding to salad dressings and other oil based dishes. 


Cooking with Dried Garlic is As Easy as Could Be 1

Dried Garlic as is is Unmatched in Flavor and Texture

The other option for cooking with dried garlic is to use it as is. This method is excellent for adding garlic flavor to dishes that don’t have extra liquid. Additionally, it adds great crunch.

Our diced dried garlic blend is perfect for using as is. 

The flakes from the grinder can be sprinkled on top of breadsticks or other baked goods for a crunchy garlicky topping. A little goes a long way as a topping. Our garlic is stronger than regular store bought garlic.

You can also use the built-in grinder in the jar to get small dried garlic flakes that are a great addition to meat rubs, homemade ranch seasoning, or homemade everything seasoning. 

Our dehydrated garlic has a sharp zesty flavor, especially when left dried, that is irresistible!

There are too many uses for dried garlic to count. It’s an irreplaceable staple in my kitchen, and I’m sure it will become one in yours as well. Grab a few jars for yourself today, and let me know what your favorite uses for it are in the comments!

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