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This dried garlic blend is a diced mixture of all of our varieties of garlic. We take the remaining small garlic cloves left over after slicing each variety and combine it together for a blend that is unique and delicious.

The blend is a mixture of purple stripe, rocambole, and porcelain type garlic and embodies the best characteristics of each type. It has a great balance of spicy and mild, with a rich garlic flavor that shines through. We are all a combination of the forces that influence us, while also being our own uniquely beautiful selves.

At Dragonfly Hill Farm, we pride ourselves in leaving things better than the way that we found them. Using the remainder of each variety of garlic to make a blend reduces waste and makes sure that we get the most out of each bulb.

Dried garlic blend is perfect for any application where you are looking for the special flavor of garlic. It is great in sauces and marinades, on roasted vegetables and meats, or in soups and stews.

Raw Flavor – Hot

Cooked Flavor – Retains garlicky flavor but the heat is toned down

** Did you know that garlic might help improve immune system function which can keep you from getting sick? **

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