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Amish Rocambole is truly an all purpose garlic. Good in any dish!

This is a Rocambole Type garlic, which are known for their complex flavors and the way that their scapes form a double loop. The rich, mellow flavor of cooked Amish Rocambole is universally beloved. Cooking with this garlic is an exercise in mindfulness and creative thinking, both of which benefit our mental health.

Grown with love and care, this is unforgettable garlic.

This variety originated in Switzerland and got its name from being grown by the Amish Community in Wisconsin. We recommend using Amish Rocambole in soups, sauces, and sautés. It’s great for all-purpose cooking. A more unusual application of this garlic is adding it to scrambled eggs in the morning.

Raw Flavor – Full bodied, Strong, medium heat

Cooked Flavor – Mellows with heat

** Did you know that garlic may support bone health by minimizing bone loss? **

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