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Mild & Earthy

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Pehoski Purple is a beautiful mild-flavored garlic! It’s hard to go wrong with this variety.

This is a purple stripe type garlic which means it has a vividly striped and colored skin. Pehoski purple cooks to a mild flavor that enhances any dish without overwhelming it. The mild flavor is perfect for days when we need a reminder to be gentle with ourselves.

The regeneratively farmed soil at Dragonfly Hill Farm enhances the garlic with extra nutrients and richness.

This is an American-bred garlic, originating from a Polish community in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. We recommend using Pehoski Purple when roasting or sauteing vegetables or meats. Sprinkle some garlic onto brussels sprouts before putting them in the oven for an extra flavorful side dish.

Raw Flavor – Intense & Strong
Cooked Flavor – Mild & Earthy

** Did you know that garlic contains antioxidants that may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? **

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