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Chesnok Red is the sweetest garlic variety! Perfect for adding delicious garlic flavor and nutrients without the kick.

This is a purple stripe type garlic which means it has a vividly striped and colored skin. Chesnok Red is mild and sweet, but doesn’t lose its garlic flavor when cooked which makes it perfect for satisfying a range of eaters.

We find joy in growing this garlic, and we are sure you will find joy in cooking with it and eating it! Joy in the small things is a key element in maintaining strong mental health.

Originating in the Village of Svelisi in the Republic of Georgia, this variety is also sometimes known as Shvelisi garlic. It is perfect for roasting or baking. We recommend putting some onto smashed potatoes before baking them for the best crispy garlic potatoes.

Raw Flavor – Mild & Sweet with a “not so” overwhelming garlic flavor

Cooked Flavor – Retains its garlicky flavor with a good lingering taste

** Did you know that garlic may help to improve heart health? Garlic can help reduce high blood pressure. **

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