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Georgian Fire garlic is called fire for a reason, this is a hot garlic!

This is a porcelain type, which is the prettiest and most common variety of garlic. Georgian Fire has a robust spicy flavor that remains even after cooking. The process of planting, harvesting, and drying this garlic and the way that its flavor remains the whole time is a reminder to trust the process and never give up.

This naturally grown garlic from Dragonfly Hill Farm is extra delicious.

Georgian Fire garlic originates from the Republic of Georgia and pairs excellently with tomatoes. Try it in your next pasta sauce or sprinkled on top of a pizza. It’s also excellent in marinades for pork and chicken.

Raw Flavor – Robust & Hot

Cooked Flavor – Retains the Robustness that lingers with a pleasing garlic taste

** Did you know that garlic works as an anti-inflammatory? Rubbing garlic oil on sore muscles and joints may relieve pain. **

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