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Romanian Red Garlic is perfect for garlic lovers who are tired of using the entire jar to spice up their cooking!

This is a porcelain type, which is the prettiest and most common variety of garlic. Romanian Red has a generally robust flavor and is spicier than your traditional garlic. Sometimes a zesty bite is just the push we need to go out and fully pursue our dreams.

Dragonfly Hill Farm garlic is grown with love and care in the rich soils of Pennsylvania.

Romanian Red Garlic originated from Romania and is a great “secret” ingredient in any recipe. It is especially good for spicing up soups and stews, flavoring pasta sauce, and adding an extra kick to roast meats.

Raw Flavor – Hot & Spicy

Cooked Flavor – Retains its Spiciness

** Did you know that garlic helps improve immune system function which might help reduce the number of colds that you get and their severity? **

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